Four things Arsenal need to win against Liverpool

Arsenal will be facing one of their toughest opponents later today and if they are going to get anything from the game at Liverpool then they must get the fundamentals right.

Sometimes the team that is not favoured gets a result and that is because they compensate being the underdogs and quite frankly, being the weaker team with attributes in other areas. It is not always about being the best team.


Every player has to be committed, there can be no room for any passengers, no players going walkabout or missing, every player must show commitment all over the field of play, anything less and they will be letting themselves and their teammates down.


The team must stay organised, they cannot allow Liverpool to pull them all over the place, an unorganised defence concedes goals, an unorganised midfield cedes control whereas an organised team makes it much more difficult for their opponents to break them down and seize control.


Liverpool will probably have the most possession and most shots on target and it is imperative that Arsenal show calmness in defence when the pressure is on, Tottenham did that against Man City and scraped a result, Leicester City did that when Chelsea dominated them early on last week and in the end were unlucky to just draw. Calmness in front of the goal is also very important, chances will be few and snatching at the ball or panicking will result in wasted opportunities.


Probably the most important attribute, Arsenal will have to know when to slow the game down, when to commit tactical fouls, when to time waste and when to frustrate their opponents. Teams that do not play with their heads tend to lose and lose badly.


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